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Jeremy Voss – Principal at Basalt Middle School in Basalt, CO

Gregg Adams Photography and their “If you Give a Kid a Camera” workshops have positively impacted many of the Roaring Fork Valley’s students in Colorado.  I fully support their positive philosophy that encourages kids to accentuate what is beautiful or interesting in our world. They believe in teaching children how to use the internet positively, and stress the importance of positive written and visual communication.  I am also impressed with their ability to get students to look at the world analytically. They have a knack for generating excitement, and focusing that excitement on the creative process of photography.  They are very active in our schools, and have contributed many times to Basalt Middle School students and staff.  I look forward to continuing working with them in the future!

Rae Lampe – Art Teacher at the Aspen Middle School in Aspen, CO

Catherine and Gregg Adams came to my 5th grade art class to teach a photography workshop. They did a great job of introducing techniques to use when taking photos. I was impressed with the one on one attention Catherine and Gregg gave to each student, giving ideas, tips and asking questions as they bent down to the child’s level and looked at what was being photographed up close. Youth today are inundated with images through the media, even our phones have cameras on them, however, not many of my students had ever thought about what they are taking a picture of or framing the image. The workshop gave an introduction to photography and an invaluable opportunity for students to work with professionals in the field, taking pictures of the natural environment around our school. The theme of the workshop was to take an image that spoke to conservation and the preservation of our environment for future generations. The results are noteworthy.I feel so fortunate to have been able to have given my students the experience of working with Catherine and Gregg. In the short time they were here we learned so much.

To view the kids imagery from the Aspen Middle School, click here

This workshop was made possible thanks to a grant from Environment Foundation

Ami Maes – Art Instructor at the Carbondale Middle School in Carbondale, CO

I would like to share what a great opportunity it was to have Gregg and Catherine Adams come into our school and share their expertise in photography. The magic both Gregg and Catherine work into their instruction and time spent with students is exceptional. The planning and preparation that went into fine-tuning this workshop was exceptional. The time Gregg and Catherine spent with our students was captivating and highly motivating. These individuals know children and how to share their passion for learning, photography, self-expression and educating the whole child. Both Gregg and Catherine took the time to personally get to know each student, their needs, interests and the direction the student wanted to go with their own photography. They then took the time to make sure each student had the tools, knowledge, location and a finalized photograph they were happy displaying professionally. The Adams team went above and beyond in this one-day workshop. Many students would not have the ability to study photography or have this experience if it was not for the Adams team putting together this program to allow our students to explore nature and photography. With their expertise and passion for children, learning and photography this program is a must for every child in every school.

We were greatly pleased with our “if you give a kid a camera” experience,outcome and greatly look forward to doing this again within our art program! With strong support and recommendation, we are thankful to have this community connection for our children!

To view the kids imagery from the Carbondale Middle School, click here

This workshop was made possible thanks to a grant from Environment Foundation

Angela Buffo – 5th Grade Teacher at the Basalt Middle School in Basalt, CO

My 5th grade class had the wonderful opportunity to take a photo workshop from Gregg and Catherine Adams.  Gregg and Catherine integrated a social studies concept (Inuit rock art) with the photography project, in which kids had the experience of working outdoors in nature to create and photograph their own interpretations of rock art.  Every student was engaged and had ownership of their creation from start to finish. They were asked to create, photograph, interpret, and explain the meaning behind their creation.  Each photograph and a quotation from the student was put into a slide show format that kids had the chance to view on the internet, as well as share that slide show with family and friends.  My students benefitted from this workshop immensely.  Many of my students would not have had the chance to take a photography workshop on their own, and this empowered them to explore their creativity with the digital camera.  Gregg and Catherine made sure that they interacted with every student, giving them tips, encouragement, and praise.  Students gained confidence and had a great overall experience.  I would not hesitate to have Gregg and Catherine lead another photography workshop with my students.

To view the kids imagery from the Basalt Middle School, click here

This workshop was made possible thanks to a grant from Environment Foundation

Gary Pfaffmann- Middle School Teacher at Aspen Community School in Woody Creek, Colorado

I am writing this in support of Gregg Adams Photography and their program which works to develop a sense of appreciation and interaction between kids and the natural environment.  As part of our “wilderness studies” our goal was to develop a sense of place through the study of natural history, literature, exploration and writing. We invited Gregg and Catherine to lead a photography workshop for our entire 5th –8th grades. Their participation was a highlight for the students for the following reasons.

First, the kids enjoyed the opportunity to get outside and experience nature in a new capacity. We had been on an outdoor ed trip and had done several natural history hikes in the Woody Creek area, but their engagement was much more noticeable and tangible with a camera in their hands. They were down on their bellies and up in the tree limbs looking at their everyday landscape from new perspectives. Second, through the lens of the camera, students took the opportunity to look at their everyday environment and, in turn, developed a renewed connection to their surroundings. Several students commented on noticing things that they had never noticed before, or had not recognized in recent years, even though they walk right past such places every single day. Finally, the workshop took them outdoors and, in many cases, facilitated an interest that bled over into the weekend and beyond. This one-day exposure to photography as a means of exploration was an opportunity to get kids outside, get them into nature, get them physically engaged. I of at least three instances which translated into weekend family expeditions with cameras in hand. Their continued involvement with students and teachers will go a long ways to impart a vital link of environmental education into our local schools.

To view the kids imagery from the Aspen Community School click here.

Jalyne Lessig – Technology Teacher at Basalt Middle School in Basalt, Colorado

I wish to thank Catherine Adams of Gregg Adams Photography for visiting the students of my computer class  to explain and discuss copyright. She spoke to the issues that photographers, artists, and musicians have when someone takes or uses their created work without permission. Her illustrations with students were appropriate for their grade level and clearly explained why copyright is important to a business. I also appreciated that she was willing to come in twice to talk with two separate classes. I believe that the personal connection she accomplished with copyright and real-life situations will leave a lasting impression on the students. Thank you for investing your time to help our students understand this complex concept.