Gregg & Catherine

Our roots…

Gregg and Catherine, both during their youth, shared a common bond and passion for the camera with a desire and intensity in “capturing moments”. Their childhood experiences nurtured a visual interest molding creativity and intrigue for the art of photography. This continued excitement carries forth today in how they picture the world around them, allowing each to tell a story and a desire to share their expertise and experiences with others.

Gregg’s journey began at the young age of seven when his father stopped at a local gas station. The sign read, “Free Camera with a Fill Up”. Gregg received his very first camera from that encounter and set forth crafting images. Middle and high school yearbooks along with summertime travels continued to hone his watchful eye. Photography at Michigan State University chiseled new perspectives and imagination into his style. Then heading west to Colorado with a camera close at hand, he set out to capture all that was around him. His photographic exuberance and creative desire lead him to step forward creating a vision as a professional photographer. His travels have since ventured him throughout the United States and internationally shooting commercial advertising editorial, corporate events, portraiture, destination wedding photography and tourism.

Ever since Catherine can remember, she has enjoyed “tinkering around” with cameras. She began with her parent’s camera capturing everything possible and creating visual stories through her images. At the age of 16, she purchased her own camera with money she had saved from teaching swim lessons and working as a lifeguard on the shore of Lake Erie. Imaging numerous high school events along with documenting people became her passion. She earned her college degree in fine art photography at The College of Notre Dame of Maryland. She then was hired to manage, market and shoot for one of the leading commercial/editorial lifestyle and sports action photographer’s on the East Coast. After years of experience, she opted for a move to Colorado where she continues to photograph and manage within Gregg Adams Photography. She and Gregg have since married and have three delightful children.

Our passion…

for photography revolves around our creative desire to document life and the world around us so that we can share this with others through the images we create and the workshops we offer to hone in one’s creative skills. Our artistic flare gives each image an expression of fun, vitality and a sense of life and inspiration. We thrive on the ability to discern and make rapid adjustments to trends and styles, while still maintaining reverence to traditions. Unique angles, unusual portrayals, imaginative lighting and dynamic perspectives sum up who we are. “Our goal centers around creating dynamic imagery that oozes with its own character and vitality.”

Gregg & Catherine